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Learn about Civil War Medicine
John B. Rice was a surgeon during the Civil War. He wrote extensively about his experiences.Little was known about diseases, bacteria, or the workings of the human body during the days of the Civil War. The lack of knowledge had devastating results. More men died from disease than were killed in battle.

The next installment of the Hayes Presidential Center’s family series Second Saturdays R 4 Kidsrevisits the tools, procedures and medicines available to doctors in the mid- and late-1800s. Set for 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, August 9 in the Hayes Museum, the session focuses on “ Civil War Medicine .” Funding for the entire series is provided by Heinz North America.

Children and their adult companions will have an active role exploring the topic. In addition to making and writing in a journal, attendees will create a diorama, view the tools of a Civil War surgeon (from the Hayes Museum collections), and learn details of what medical care was like during the war. Attendees can come and go as they please during the four-hour session. Everyone is encouraged to visit the Hayes Museum. Museum admission is included in the cost of $1/children and $7.50/adult. Hayes Presidential Center members at the “family-level” and above can attend for FREE.

Attendees will get an up-close look at authentic Civil War medical equipment like Dr. Rice's surgical roll.Second Saturdays R 4 Kids started in April and continues through December. Remaining dates and topics include:

September 13Life in a Civil War Prison

October 4–session takes place during the annual Hayes Civil War Reenactment – details TBA

November 8Civil War Elections

December 13War Ends!