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Scholar focuses on 1st Ladies as leaders

Historian and First Ladies author Allida Black is guest speaker for the 2014 Hayes Lecture on the Presidency.The historian, author, and educator responsible for The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers is guest lecturer for the Hayes Presidential Center’s 2014 Lecture on the Presidency.

Allida M. Black, Ph.D., shares thoughts on “The Other Leaders in the White House: First Ladies from Lucy Hayes to Michelle Obama” during the Sunday, February 16, 2014, event. Her appearance is made possible through sponsorship from the National Machinery Foundation.

Funding from the National Machinery Foundation makes the Hayes Lecture on the Presidency possible. Reservations for the pre-lecture dinner now are closed. However, those wishing to attend only the lecture can do so for a cost of $10. Please call 419-332-2081, ext. 238 or email

Black is a research professor of history at The George Washington University and serves as managing director of the Allenswood Group, a collaborative founded to empower individuals and strengthen democracy through education. She is editor emeritus and editorial advisory board chair of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers - a project she designed to preserve, teach and apply Eleanor Roosevelt’s writings and discussions of human rights and democratic politics. Black also is author of more than a half dozen books including First Ladies of the United States of America and currently is writing a political biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Along with Hayes Presidential Center Director Emeritus Thomas Culbertson, Black appeared on C-SPAN’s First Ladies: Influence & Image series in 2013 to discuss the life and times of Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes.