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Silk portieres completed and installed
The re-created portieres now are in place in the Hayes Home.
As part of the restoration of the Hayes Home, a pair of portieres given to Lucy Hayes in 1881 by the Women's Christian Temperance Union of Illinois have been re-created. The laborious work of recreating the intricate crewel work designs on the original drapes was done by workers at the Intermuseum Conservation Association in Cleveland.

Two of the embroidery experts who worked on the new portieres.The original silk portieres made by the Decorative Art Society of Ottawa, IL, had decayed to the point they were little more than threads. ICA embroidery experts spent more than 1,850 hours re-creating the intricate patterns that include peaches, sunflowers, vining stems, and leaves.
Hanging of the completed portieres took place October 17. Their installation completes restoration work in the Drawing Room and Library of the Home. A few projects remain to be finished in the Little Smithsonian and Inner Sanctum.